Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Find Enjoyment in Your Job

There are so many people dislike something major about their job. The trouble is that liking your job is essential for success. Those who don’t enjoy their work will ultimately fail.

Why are so many people unhappy in their jobs? There are two primary reasons. First, some people are convinced that earning a living is wasting time that they could spend enjoying themselves or uncovering their true talents.

If this is the case with you, recall your last long vacation. Was it two weeks of complete enjoyment ? More likely it was a week and a half of fun in the sun, with another half a week of “ Boy, I can’t wait to get back to work.” If you didn’t feel such vacation blues, then imagine taking a leave of absence. You could use it to work on a novel, enroll in classes or just sit around watching television. At the end of three months, in all likelihood, your self esteem would be at an all-time low. While all work and no play is not good, all play and no work is disastrous. We need to feel we are accomplishing some thing. We also need some form of order in our lives.

The second and perhaps more prevalent reason for people not to like their work is that they feel trapped. Once you’ve been at a company for five years and have a spouse, a mortgage anda a child, you often feel you have very little choice about jumping ship if things aren’t turning out as you’d planned. A steady paycheck can be the biggest manacle of all. People resent having to do something because they have no other choice.

Nobody,-neither boss nor peer-is likely to have the time or inclination to help you overcome your careers blahs. It’s largely up to you to do what you can initiate a change in attitude. Here are five ways to get started:

* Dream a little plan a lot

Developing and following your own plan of action is one biggest ways to improve your attitude.

* Look for success outside of work

Take your hobbies and leisure activities as seriously as you your work and take same kind of pride with them. If you can tie your self-esteem to your outside endevaours, you can maintain a positive attitude even if the office forecasts calls for thunderstorms.

* Separate Work and Play

This is not say that taking work home is taboo. But doing it all time is. If you do have a heavy workload, alternate evening of intensive work and intensive leisure

* Change your attitude toward others

Change your attitude, and you’re likely to change how people feel how about you. They may actually like having you around. And you may actually start to like being around.

* Think of yourself as autonomous.

The most useful part of this concept is that it moves you from an outwardly contolled motivation of simply pleasing your boss to one where you recognize and improve your skills for your own reasons.

You can sit around bemoaning that you are not in the fast lane, that you are underpaid, that the corporate world is not treating you the way you’d like, but it won’t do you any good. Cash, power and prestige must come to you from your employer. But self-esteem, pride in a job well done and a sense of importance are all bonuses you can give yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning to find enjoyment in your work.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How To Prevent a Mental Fatigue

Stress can affect anyone. During our work, both working with their own capital or who receive wages or salaries.
All the scope of work or profession accustomed to the stress faced by working-level and the stage respectively.
Indeed there are times when stress is required as according to the theory of "Universe Support" (Mestakung). They said, if people stuck in stress or pressure naturally our bodies will adjust and find ways to offset these pressures. The pressure can also make us creative to get out of our comfort zone.
But often stress that we unknowingly do not precisely controlled so that brings us into the terrible conditions. Do not allow yourself the stress dissolve. Stress is too often will accelerate the aging process and also triggered the increase of free radicals that make vulnerable to disease.
Stress is what I mean here is the stress that has been transformed into mental fatigue.

What it's like that mental fatigue?
This is like the feeling when every morning you wake up feeling sluggishness of mind and extreme laziness to get out of bed. Laziness is not because of lack of sleep loss or still sleepy, but just the thought of work that may be trapped prolonged complex problems until you are tired and reluctant to deal with it. Or maybe also because of a deadlock situation that makes you feel as if the world is equal and you go limp into the arena of capital punishment. Where 12 members of a firing squad with a long barrel gun standing in front of you.

So, before the stress turn into mental fatigue, by doing some of the following habits can help us ag:

1. Always eat breakfast and give your body adequate nutrition.
2. Avoid the trap routine, both in the office or at home. At work can begin with the activity route different, using lunch time to walk outside to look, or go to the nearest shopping, tidying his desk. Can begin at home by changing the display room, rearranging the kitchen, and others.
3. Always think positively with regard for all things reasonably effect.
4. Small hobby and do whatever it simple. Hobby helps the brain stay relaxed.
5. Talk and laugh at least 5-10 minutes per day with fellow colleagues.
6. Do not want to look haggard and disheveled, be reasonable and do not increase the burden you with excessive behavior, such as escape into alcohol, smoking, use of tranquilizers or the like. Because the natural avoidance behavior you from feeling guilty that you generate confidence.
7. Rest in bed is enough. Sleep is a mechanism to restore the body's cells that have been exhausted or damaged.
8. A warm bath can relieve muscle tension and facilitate the flow of blood.
9. Doing sports. No need to sport a heavy and serious. Walk at least 15 minutes in the morning or late afternoon is enough for you to have a high work hours so that the body looks fit.
10. The last and most important is to think of a good and straight course to maintain the relationship of the creator as He flows and their respective beliefs.